• Wiltondale Pool

    Wiltondale Pool is a private swim club operated by the Pool Committee of the Wiltondale Improvement Association, Inc. for the benefit of its members. Some of the benefits of the Wiltondale Pool include:

    • Adult Nights, Middle School Nights & Float Nights
    • 10 Mile Swim
    • Bingo Nights & Movie Nights
    • Pick-Up Basketball
    • Swim Lessons & Swim Team

Wiltondale Pool Information

  • Annual Letter

    All of the Wiltondale pool details can be found in our annual letter.  Please read it carefully to review all of the information.

    Pool Welcome Letter (2024)

    Pool Rules

    The Wiltondale pool rules outline what is expected of members so we can all maintain a safe and fun environment.


    Events Calendar
  • Membership

    If you are interested in becoming a member of the Wiltondale Pool Swim Club, please download, fill out, and return our Waitlist Application -Wiltondale Pool

    Bond Request

    Members who paid a refundable bond at the time of initiation may request a refund of that bond by completing and mailing the Refund of Bond Request.

  • Annual Party Tickets, Swim Lessons & Annual Dog Swim Tickets

    Email PoolCommittee@Wiltondale.org for more info!


    Wiltondale Pool is located at the foot of Sussex Road in Towson, Maryland.

    From the North: Head South on York Road to Sussex Road, just before Stevenson Lane. Turn left on Sussex Road (Speed Limit is 15 mph!) to the parking lot.

    From the West: Head East on Stevenson Lane to Mitten Lane, just past York Road. Turn Left on Mitten Lane and make the first right onto Sussex Road to the parking lot.

    From the South: Head North on York Road to Stevenson Lane and turn right. Turn left on Mitten Lane and make the first right onto Sussex Road to the parking lot.

    From the East: Take Stevenson Lane to Mitten Lane, before York Road. Turn right on Mitten Lane and make the first right onto Sussex Road to the parking lot.

What’s Happening at the Pool Today?

  • Pool Hours 2024


    Pre-Season: May 24 – June 14

    Friday May 24 4:00p – 9:00p
    Saturday May 25 12:00p – 9:00p
    Sunday May 26 12:00p – 8:00p
    Monday May 27 (Memorial Day) 10:00a – 8:00p
    Tuesday – Thursday May 28-30 4:00p – 7:00p
    Friday May 31 4:00p – 9:00p
    Saturday June 1 12:00p – 9:00p
    Sunday June 2 12:00p – 8:00p
    Monday – Thursday June 3-6 4:00p – 7:00p
    Friday June 7 4:00p – 9:00p
    Saturday June 8 12:00p – 9:00p
    Sunday June 9 12:00p – 8:00p
    Monday – Friday June 10-14 4:00p – 7:00p


    In-Season: June 15 – August 24

    Sunday – Thursday* 10:00a – 9:00p
    Friday – Saturday* 10:00a – 10:00p

    * The pool closes early on swim meet nights, adult nights and other special events. Please check website.


    Post-Season: August 25-September 8

    Sunday August 25 10:00a – 6:00p
    Monday – Friday August 26-30 closed
    Saturday August 31 12:00p – 9:00p
    Sunday September 1 12:00p – 9:00p
    Monday September 2 (Labor Day) 10:00a – 7:00p
    Tuesday – Friday September 3 – 6 closed
    Saturday September 7 12:00p – 5:00p
    5:00p – 9:00p (Annual party, ticket required)
    Sunday September 8 12:00p – 5:00p
    5:30p – 6:00p DOG SWIM
  • Contact

    Wiltondale Pool welcomes your comments and suggestions. If you would like to contact us, you can reach us by emailing PoolCommittee@wiltondale.org, by calling (410) 337-3631, or by filling out the form below. General inquiries or questions?

  • Registration & Payment


  • History

    1956 pool openingWiltondale Pool is operated by the Pool Committee of the Wiltondale Improvement Association, Inc. The pool was dedicated on July 4, 1956 and has through the years maintained a balanced membership of residents of Wiltondale and neighboring communities.

    The facilities include a large pool with dedicated lap lanes and a dedicated diving area as well as areas for swimmers who prefer depths of three and a half to five feet. An enclosed wading pool area is available for the enjoyment of children under six.

    Adjacent to both pools are grassy lawn areas where lawn chairs and lounge chairs are interspersed with umbrellas for those who want to catch some rays or enjoy a good book in the shade. The pavilion provides a shaded area for dining along with a water fountain and snack machines. Recently updated, the ladies and gentlemen dressing rooms both include baby-changing stations. An enclosed basketball court adds interest for children needing a break from swimming.

    The Pool Committee strives to maintain the pool and facilities in the best of condition and to provide members with a variety of activities for members of every age. Activities and events include: swimming lessons, water aerobics, racing, distance swimming, Adult Nights, Teen Nights, Family Nights, Float Nights, Holiday Picnics, and a Sleepover.

    Membership is available to residents of Wiltondale and to non-residents who have entered their names on our waiting list.

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Neighbors Love Our Pool!

  • We moved into Wiltondale seven years ago in the midst of a hot August. What a joy it was to be able to pack up our then one year old baby boy and three year old baby girl, walk around the corner and find a place where neighbors welcomed us and the children could play. Seven years later our family has grown to five but we still spend almost every summer day at the Wiltondale Pool. It’s just so nice to walk up to the gate and have the lifeguards greet us by name, the children always find a friend and I always have a girlfriend to sit with and catch up on neighborhood news! We start our countdown to opening day around March 1st! Not sure what we would do without the pool. Let the countdown begin.

    Lauren LaCanforaWiltondale Resident
  • Wiltondale Pool is the sun-dappled stuff childhood and summer memories are made of: learning to swim, splashing and laughing with friends. We are lucky to have this safe haven nestled in our community!

    AnonymousWiltondale Resident

    Belonging to a neighborhood pool that is in walking distance, embraces the fundamental fun of being a child.

    Kate BeachWiltondale Resident
  • This will be our eighth season as members of the Wiltondale Pool. Although we are not Wiltondale residents, we certainly feel a sense of community and look forward to a summer of fun and adventure. Our boys enjoy seeing friends from school throughout the summer, and it is truly a place to sit back and relax. The guard staff has always been extremely attentive and friendly. Float nights, adult nights, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day Picnics, and the annual sleepover are just some of the wonderful memories the Wiltondale Pool offers. We couldn’t ask for a better place to spend our summer days.

    Eileen FitzPatrickAnneslie Resident