Pool Membership

  • Pool Membership

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    Payment of Dues:

    Click the link below to purchase your pool membership

    Join Wiltondale Pool

    For families that wish to include a babysitter or caregiver on their memberships, please select the childcare provider add-on under the family membership or the single parent/single child membership. If you do not know who your caregiver will be, please note TBD but be sure to log back into your account before the season starts and add the name of your babysitter.

    Guest Passes

    All membership categories have the option of pre-purchasing up to 20 guest passes at a reduced rate of $5.00 per pass until March 31st.    Take advantage of this discount by adding guest passes to your membership when your pay your dues.  The price of the guest pass increases to $7 on April 1st.  Guest passes are only good for the current season, unused passes do not carry over.

    Ways to Pay your dues

    Online: Credit Cards payments will be accepted and include a surcharge of 3.5%.

    If mailing or dropping payment at the pool; make your check payable to the ‘Wiltondale Pool’ and include your phone number.

    Mailbox at the Pool:  This is the best way to pay your dues. When checking out online, choose PAY BY CHECK.  If you stand at the front gate, the mailbox is attached to the bathhouse on your left; just simply slip your arm through the fence opening closest to the building, lift the mailbox cover and drop your payment inside.

    Mail: Payments by mail will only be accepted when mailed to: Wiltondale Pool, P.O. Box 42638 Towson, MD 21284-2638

    *PLEASE NOTE: Payments postmarked, made online or dropped at the pool mailbox after March 31 will be subject to a mandatory $100 late fee.

    Should you have any questions about your membership, or if you encounter any technical issues as you set up your profile, please email pool@wiltondale.org.  If you do not plan on joining us for another great season and wish to cancel your membership, kindly let us know by email also.

  • Membership Dues For 2023

    *Resident Family $575.00 $75.00
    *Resident Individual $325.00 $75.00
    *Resident Couple $425.00 $75.00
    *Resident Senior $150.00 $75.00
    *Resident Senior- Married (60+) $250.00 $75.00
    Non-Resident Family $700.00 N/A
    Non-Resident Individual $400.00 N/A
    Non-Resident Couple $500.00 N/A
    Non-Resident Senior- Individual (60+) $225.00 N/A
    Non-Resident Senior-Married (60+) $325.00 N/A
    Caregiver $100.00 N/A

    *Wiltondale Residents must be current on their community dues before joining the pool. Membership will not be made active until past neighborhood dues are paid.